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We provide the most complete service available working closely with our clients from initial consultation through to completion of any project. We engage in all aspects of construction from renovations through to new build. Here are some of the services that we offer.

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From relatively minor works to large developments everything we do has the ProBuild360 signature of  high quality and fine finishes. Below are some examples of our work for you to see for yourself.

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ProBuild360 is an award winning independent design, planning, management, and building company. The high standards of our service and quality of building work is recognised within the industry and certified by building authorities all over. We aim to deliver a no mess, no stress and hassle free service to our clients. Executing construction projects with accuracy and efficiency.

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Our team consists of some of the most skilled an knowledgeable construction professionals around, supported by a strong administration team. Our construction managers are highly trained to orchestrate the operations and engage our clients to their total satisfaction.

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We offer all aspects of construction work on projects ranging from small domestic renovations to the construction of high value new build properties and developments.

[/featured_item][featured_item icon=”phone” type=”default” title=”GET IN TOUCH” counter=”0″ top_margin=”page-margin-top”]Contact us by: Tel – 0121 359 8000
Email: info@pro-build360.co.uk[/featured_item]

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We offer a 360° service from your first vision through to completion. With no hassle or stress.

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We guarantee to go the extra mile to deliver you the best service as possible.

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ProBuild aims to deliver a no mess, no stress and hassle free service to it’s clients.

[re_testimonials testimonials_count=”4″ testimonials_icon0=”conversation” testimonials_title0=” I didn’t have to co-ordinate anybody else, Bahram did all that. When we did work in our previous house, it was myself that was contacting electricians and plumbers etc, that all have their own speed of working, but Bahram did it all which was ‘fantastic’. If there were any concerns or if I wanted to know anything I only need make one call – although he kept us informed at all times. With any build issues arise, unforeseen issues such as snow when they were trying to do the outside work, but it has been a great process, stress free with a fabulous end result” testimonials_author0=”Jane C, Moseley” testimonials_icon1=”conversation” testimonials_title1=”Would I recomend probuild360? I wouldn’t hesitate in doing so, they provide a quality build with very helpful staff and are always willing to put the customer first. What really struck us was the attention to detail, which was very important to us, as you can have a quality build, but the finish isn’t good or indeed vice versa, but Bahram and his team deliver a quality build with a very good finish” testimonials_author1=”MR LATCHMAN” testimonials_icon2=”conversation” testimonials_title2=”We will always be eternally grateful to our neighbour for recommending Probuild360 and to Bahram and his wonderful team and family for making, what could have been a massively stressful time, go as smoothly as possible. His positive attitude, warm personality, knowledge and skill together with a great team, have given us the home of our dreams- we couldn’t recommend them highly enough.” testimonials_author2=”KELLIE W, HARBORNE” testimonials_icon3=”conversation” testimonials_title3=”We have worked alongside Pro Build 360 on a number of projects large and small. We find their attention to detail and proactive approach most refreshing, Pro Build work closely with their clients to make the whole construction process run as smoothly as possible. The team at Brock Charles hope to do many more projects along side Pro Build 360 in the future. ” testimonials_author3=”BROCK CHARLES ARCHITECTS ” testimonials_icon4=”none” testimonials_title4=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_icon5=”none” testimonials_title5=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_icon6=”none” testimonials_title6=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_icon7=”none” testimonials_title7=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_icon8=”none” testimonials_title8=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_icon9=”none” testimonials_title9=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_icon10=”none” testimonials_title10=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_icon11=”none” testimonials_title11=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_icon12=”none” testimonials_title12=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_icon13=”none” testimonials_title13=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_icon14=”none” testimonials_title14=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_icon15=”none” testimonials_title15=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_icon16=”none” testimonials_title16=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_icon17=”none” testimonials_title17=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_icon18=”none” testimonials_title18=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_icon19=”none” testimonials_title19=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_icon20=”none” testimonials_title20=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_icon21=”none” testimonials_title21=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_icon22=”none” testimonials_title22=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_icon23=”none” testimonials_title23=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_icon24=”none” testimonials_title24=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_icon25=”none” testimonials_title25=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_icon26=”none” testimonials_title26=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_icon27=”none” testimonials_title27=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_icon28=”none” testimonials_title28=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_icon29=”none” testimonials_title29=”Sample Sentence Text” autoplay=”1″ pause_on_hover=”1″ scroll=”2″ effect=”scroll” easing=”swing” duration=”400″ top_margin=”none”]

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