Consultation Review

Consultation Review

Dear Savannah,

Thank you for arranging the meeting with myself and Bahram yesterday.

The meeting proved to be extremely productive and left me feeling very excited.

Bahram had some amazing ideas which we both felt would create an even bigger impact than originally envisaged from my architect drawings. He also pointed out that this would also reduce the cost of the project significantly which was music to my ears.

I was very impressed by his knowledge and filled me with confidence with all aspects of the proposed project.

He showed me lots of examples of projects he had completed on his iPad all of which looked amazing.

Bahram approached the project with great passion and enthusiasm and had several ideas I had previously not thought of.

These ideas not only improved on the wow factor I was after , but also were a lot more practical. It was this area that most impressed me about Bahram. I could see his many years of experience in this field had given him the confidence to project these great ideas with passion and enthusiasm.

There was definitely  a personal touch to the project rather than just another job and I felt Bahram could clearly see what I wanted to achieve and was looking at ways to improve on this even further.

The costing process was explained very clearly and appears to be very transparent too.

I am really looking forward to meeting with him again and also visiting your showroom.

Regards , Ami Dulku

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