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Build Consultation Appointment

The unique and pioneering nature of our 360-degree service offering, combined with our reputation for superior design, quality build and installation, value for money, customer service and excellent communication, means that Probuild360’s services are in significant demand. With a strong track record of delivering for our clients, backed-up by many prestigious industry and national awards, we boast a bank of excellent testimonials from customers and industry experts alike.

For clients wanting to work with us, we offer a personal Build Consultation appointment that delivers a wealth of important benefits and project essentials as outlined below.

Why Book A Build Consultation?

‘Start right. Avoid pitfalls, stress and additional cost further down the line…’

Prior to engaging architects, a Build Consultation ensures that you; Maximise the design potential; Understand your budget versus the work required; Focuses everyone on delivering the project that meets both your objectives and budget to prevent problems further down the line.

What Does Your Build Consultation Include?

  • A One-to-One Personal Consultation: Lasting up to 2 hrs, we visit your property to discuss; what you want to achieve; how you will use the space whilst also discussing budget and indicative costs. This meeting can take place at our private showroom if discussing a new build property on a vacant site, or at the site.
  • Identify Potential Pitfalls and Creative Resolutions: During the visit we’ll discuss any potential pitfalls/issues identified, and thanks to our extensive experience we’ll suggest creative resolutions and inspirational design ideas.
  • 360-Degree Service: Because we’re experts at design, build and installation, we can ensure the most efficient allocation and maximisation of your budget.
  • Critical Path: We talk you through the critical path – discussing; utilities, structural engineers, pre-build planning, building control etc. We give you the big picture, so you understand the order in which things will need to happen.

Client example:

Clients presented us with architectural plans for their terraced property, which would have cost £180,000 to build, their actual budget was £60k! We worked with them, value engineering the project to bring the extension in on budget with the best allocation of spend across the entire project… the client wished they’d involved us from the start!

Following the Build Consultation, you’re equipped for the next stage of your project. Beautiful designs are one thing, but beautiful designs that fall within budget – and are deliverable, are another!

£300 +VAT (£360.00 Gross Fee)
For a house visit for up to 2 hours for discussion and assessment of your project and to provide
you with much information on all that has been mentioned above.
Please note- this does not include drawings or design works at this stage.

£150 +VAT (£180.00 Gross Fee)
For a written summary report based on our discussion with documented headline cost options
specific to your project.
Please note- this does not include drawings or design works at this stage.

To book your Build Consultation contact our office on 0121 359 8000. Should you decide to use our company to manage and deliver your project, the consultation fees will be deducted from the final build cost.

Client Testimonials

Really appreciate the time Bahram has spent with us trying to understand our vision. The 2.5hrs flew by and for a first consultation, the meeting met our expectations perfectly. It was great to bounce a few ideas back and forth and tap into Bahram’s extensive knowledge. The consultation has given us even more confidence to truly get stuck into our project and do so with a build partner that’s trustworthy, capable and experienced such as ProBuild will no doubt make this journey more manageable and less daunting for us. I was most impressed by the comprehensive build schedule ProBuild has in place that is shared with clients daily as well as the work ethics and values that Bahram instils into his workforce.

“When you look around the offices, you get an idea of the excellent standard set there. Therefore, I was 100 percent expecting that to be emulated in the work that I was going to commission with them… I would definitely recommend Probuild360, and I would definitely recommend that as a minimum, you get Bahram or one of the team in for a chat… As a team they are brilliant, they really take on board and listen to what you are trying to achieve and give really good sound advice on how to make it even better!”

So had our first consultation with Probuild360 on Saturday with Bahram, who spent two hours getting to know us and what we were looking for. I found it great value very informative and my family an me are very excited to make our dream a reality❤️ Also a mention to Savannah who took care of setting up our meeting, Thanks again to Probuild360 and Bahram

Matt Bond

Bahram Pictured With Client